Peyronies (Bent Penis) Condition, How to Treat, Cure& Straighten with Penis Extender Device?

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

When you have Peyronie’s disease, the scar tissue in your penis bends, curves, or loses length or girth. As the scar tissue (plaque) develops, you might be able to feel it through your skin or experience pain in a particular area of your penis. Depending on where the scar is, your penis can bend up, down, or to the side during an erection. Some of the affected men lack a curvature and instead may have a region of indentation or an “hourglass” appearance.

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Most men don’t have erections that are exactly straight. Just because your penis has a slight curvature doesn’t necessarily mean you have Peyronie’s disease. Men who have lived with a curvature all of their lives do not have Peyronie’s illness.

The scar typically develops on the top of the penis, which makes it curve upwards while it is erect. If the scar is on the bottom, your penis will bow downward; if it is on the side, it will bend sideways. The penis may become “dented” or shorter in some circumstances when the scar forms on both the top and bottom of the shaft. Sometimes the scar will wrap completely around the penis, causing it to become narrow like the middle of an hourglass or the neck of a bottle. One in three men who have this illness may have calcium-containing scar tissue, which can give it a bone-like texture.

How is the penis operative?

Your penis serves two purposes: it transports sperm and pee. The urethra, which transports urine from the bladder via the penis, as well as two tubes known as the corpora cavernosa, which fill with blood to cause the penis to erect, are located inside. The tunica albuginea, a strong fibrous sheath, surrounds all three and holds them together. The blood that is rushing to your penis during sex makes it straight, rigid, and hard, allowing it to penetrate. After orgasm, semen then leaves the body through the urethra. Ejaculation is the term for this action.

The size and form of the penis are affected by Peyronie’s disease, but not urination or ejaculation.


What Peyronie’s disease phases are there?

Acute and chronic are the two stages of Peyronie’s disease.

Acute phase: lasts between six and twelve months. Your penis will develop a scar behind the skin during this time, altering its shape in some way. When your penis is soft or erect, you could experience pain.

Chronic phase: During this time, the scar has stopped expanding, preventing further enlargement of the penis’ curvature. By this point, the pain should often have subsided, but it occasionally lingers, especially during erections. Additionally, erectile dysfunction (ED) or issues maintaining or hardening the penis may appear.

Who is at risk for developing Peyronie’s disease? What is a risk?

You run the risk of contracting Peyronie’s disease if any of the following things happen:

  • Age- As you become older, Peyronie’s disease is more prone to strike. About 10 to 15 percent of middle-aged men suffer from it.
  • Genetics- You run a larger risk if you have a close relative (such as a sibling or parent) who has the illness.
  • Diseases of connective tissue-People who have a connective tissue condition are more vulnerable. Scleroderma, plantar fasciitis, and Dupuytren’s disease are a few examples of those conditions.
  • Erection problems- Four to five times as likely to develop Peyronie’s disease in men with diabetes-associated erectile dysfunction (ED) (impotence/difficulty getting and maintaining an erection). Sometimes having Peyronie’s might lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Breast cancer. breast cancer. Men who have undergone surgery for prostate cancer are more susceptible.
  • Autoimmune illnesses. Peyronie’s disease is more likely to strike someone with an autoimmune condition like lupus.

Penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease is treated using a penile extender device.

Treatment for Peyronie’s disease that additionally involves penile traction is successful. Many men follow the recommended traction therapy regimen for Peyronie’s disease at home. This treatment focuses on gradually stretching the penis to straighten it.

After professionals have assisted you in selecting the right equipment for you, traction therapy devices can be worn comfortably underneath your clothes for extended periods of time, making this treatment simple to perform on your own.

Recent research based on international surveys has shown that women find a curved penis to be undesirable in both an aesthetic and sexual sense. ProExtender, an industry leader in both superb penis extender devices and first-rate customer service, a penis doesn’t have to stay curvy.

While Peyronie’s disease, a well-known medical disorder that causes the penis to bend, affects as many as 2-3% of men, about 15-20% of men are born with a curved penis (but recent research shows that the numbers may be higher). The MyNoveltyShop’s Pro extender penis enlargement device is 100% effective in reversing penile curvature, regardless of whether it is caused by Peyronie’s disease or just a simple bent penis.

By utilizing Newton’s principles of physics, the theMyNoveltyShop’sProExtender penis enlargement device corrects curvatures; each movement has an equivalent and opposing response. The penis extender device’s opposing force progressively reverses the curvature until it is completely straight.

A tissue problem called Peyronie’s disease causes fibrous plaques to develop in the penis’ soft tissue. The severity of Peyronie’s disease varies. In more severe cases, the penis may curve abnormally when erect or develop rigid, cord-like lesions (scar tissue known as “plaques”). Additionally, the penis may get shorter or narrower.

In the final stages of Peyronie’s disease, various degrees of erectile dysfunction frequently accompany symptoms. The illness may also make having a sexual relationship painful and challenging. Although it can afflict men of any race and age, Caucasian men are the most frequently affected men who are older than 25.

The MyNoveltyShop’s ProExtender penis enlargement device is a proven Peyronie’s Disease (PD) treatment that is also a natural means of treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This is accomplished by increasing blood flow to the penis naturally.

The MyNoveltyShop’s Pro Extender penis enlargement device product is a non-invasive penile enlargement tool that doesn’t involve surgery or pharmaceuticals. It’s a secure and efficient substitute for pricey surgeries and potentially harmful medications.

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