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We at MyNoveltyShop carry products for penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction and breast enlargement for men & women. Our company is the pioneer of these products in India since 2004.

We introduce products to our customers after rigorous testing to ensure quality and meet customer satisfaction.

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The products we carry work on naturally safe enhancement techniques.

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All products we carry are clinically and medically approved by doctors & urologists.

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The process is 100% safe and natural so our products are free of side-effects.

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My Novelty Shop – Male & Female Enhancement Products in India.

Welcome to our website India’s first manufacturer and importers of penis enlargement pumps, penis extenders and breast enlargement pump devices.

If you’re serious about penis enlargement, improve erection, cure premature ejaculation, impotence and erectile dysfunction solutions, you need a professional device to handle the job.

Now here is the opportunity for you to buy Mega Builder penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction and breast enhancement products now in India. Mega Builder penis enlargers are built with medical grade sterile and heavy-duty medical grade materials.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when trying a development routine is to consistency. It’s no different from creating yourself go to the gym regularly. If you’re 100% dedicated & confident to achieving penis enhancement and impotence development, it will definitely perform and your assurance will show.

Penis enlargers have become one of the most successful natural strategies for penile enlargement compared to prescription medication. For people who do not want to opt for a penile implant surgery, penis enlargers are definitely a good choice.

Mega Builder penis enlargement products are based on the simple principle of cell division (Cytokinesis). Like with any tissue in the body penis is capable of growing with constant tension and stretch applied to it.

Stretching the penis for a certain period of time, the cells in the penile tissue divide it self and multiply in number. This makes the penis size longer and thicker as it swells with a lot more blood on arousal. This has been scientifically proved by the pioneer sexologist from the University of Chicago, USA, Dr. Joel Kaplan. His claims, research and thesis on penis enlargement are widely available on FDA healthcare websites. In fact this method of cell duplication has allowed cultures around the world to do many things like the Asian tribes women stretching their necks or south African tribes men stretching their lips to hold plates an enlargement of amazing lengths.

Types of Enlargement Products:

Penis Extenders for Penis Enlargement

MyNoveltyShop is the first company to introduce penile extenders in India back in the year 2012. Penis extenders are one of the most popular and successful penis enlargement products available in the market. 
proextender penis extender

Penis extenders work on scientifically proven technique of cell multiplication using stretching. The extender creates traction force on the penis. Due to the continuous traction the cells in the penis tissue expand and multiply in number. This results in penis enlargement.

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The penis traction stretching device is available over the counter and is approved by FDA for penile lengthening. Doctors and urologists prescribe and recommend the product. The product is tried and tested for enlargement of the penis size and has millions of satisfied users worldwide.
Our ProExtender System introduced is one of the best penis enlargement devices available in India. We have been successfully marketing the product for almost a decade. Our users have reported positive and satisfactory results.

Penis Extenders for Penis Enlargement

To begin with let’s s lets talk about the most common question & myth among people regarding penis vacuum pumps – are the enlargement results temporary? The answer is yes! The results gained from using the pump are permanent. After a pumping session the penis reverts back to its original size, usually after a couple of hours. However, regular usage of the pump for about 3-4 months will give you permanent results in penis length and girth. It is important that you measure your penis size before starting to use the pump to measure and keep track of your gains.
penis vacuum pump
Penis vacuum pumps have been used for enlargement of the penis since ages. The product is in the market for over 40 years now. Penile vacuum pumps are prescribed by doctors. It can be used before having sexual intercourse.

Peyronies (Bent Penis) Condition, How to Cure with Penis Extender Device?

The penis extender traction devices are also used in curing curved or bent penis in Peyronies condition. Penile curvature can affect mans ability to maintain erection, reduce the penis size or difficulty performing intercourse. Penis traction devices have been medically proven and approved scientifically for correction of penile curvature in Peyronies condition.

penis curvature straightening device

The most common cause of penile curvature or Peyronies condition is buildup of plaque inside the penis. The built up of plaque or scar tissue could be due to injury to the penis while having sexual intercourse or any other physical activity.

Penile traction devices have been proven successful in correcting the curvature of bent penis. They are often recommended as first line of treatment by urologists as an non-invasive method of correcting penile curvature and penile lengthening. Many studies have also found penile traction therapy a successful solution for treatment of Peyronies condition. how peyronies device works

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & how to treat with Penile erection vacuum pump

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as difficultly attaining an erection during sexual intercourse. ED is a common issue that effects men due to age factor or a medical condition like diabetes. ED is now treatable with the help of medications or with the help of penile vacuum erection pumps naturally. Penis pumps are prescribed actively by doctors for treatment of erectile dysfunction.
erectile dysfunction
 The vacuum constriction device is a non-invasive and safe method to treat ED. A penile erection vacuum pump is a device which helps attain erection when used. A constriction or (cock ring) is a band which can be slided to the base of the penis to maintain the attained erection.
The ED vacuum pump set consists of a cylindrical tube, vacuum creating pump, sleeves and set of cock rings. The penis has to be inserted inside the cylinder of the pump. Ensure that sleeve is fitted at the base of the cylinder to ensure perfect vacuum seal and comfort. On pumping negative pressure is created inside the cylinder due to which blood flow to the penis tissue increases. This results in temporary enlargement of the penis size and an erection is attained. Once erection is attained the cock rings can be worn directly with hands or slided from over the cylindrical tube.


Our Products:

ProExtender Ultimate

ProExtender System

ProExtender System is a penis extender. It is one of the best device to enlarge penis size and correct penile curvature in Peyronies condition.

ProExtender Rings Penis Enlargement Peyronies Device

Proextender Rings System

ProExtender Gravity Rings System is a penile extender. It is an easy to use penis enlargement system at an affordable price.

Breast Enlargement Pump

Blossom Pump

Blossom Pump is a breast enlargement vacuum pump. The breast pump helps enlarge size of breasts naturally. The pump also makes the breasts larger, fuller and firm.

Handsome Up Combo Penis Enlargement Pump

Combo Penis Pump

MyNoveltyShop is the first company to introduce the Combo(Hybrid) version of the penis pump in India. The combo pump comes with best of both versions of the penis pump- manual and automatic(electric) vacuum pump.

Handsome Up Manual Penis Enlargement Pump

Manual Penis Pump

The manual penis pump is a vacuum pump used for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction (ED) which works using hand operation and has an easy to release valve.

Automatic Penis Enlargement Pump

Automatic Penis Pump

The automatic(electric) penis pump is a vacuum pump used for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction (ED) which works automatically with the help of a machine which goes into the electricity socket.

Battery Operated Penis Enlargement Pump

Battery Operated Penis pump

The battery operated penis pump works with the help of 2 AAA batteries. It is a powerful high pressure vacuum pump.

Penis Enlargement Extender Piston Manual Pump

Piston Vacuum Pump

The piston vacuum pump is a penis enlargement pump which helps in penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

Cock Rings

Cock Rings

Cock Rings (Constriction Rings) are penis rings used by men to treat erectile dysfunction. Cock rings also used by people having weak erections or have difficulty maintaining an erection. The cock rings when worn around the penis makes the penis size look larger since it constricts blood in the penis.

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