Gravity Physical Rings ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device

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For The First Time My Novelty Shop introduces Proextender Rings Penis Enlarger in India

The device that is extensively tried tested and medically approved as the best result oriented product in the world.


Secret to penis enlargement

  1. The stretch-induced to the penis
  2. The time penis is kept stretched


The major problems faced by most men are:

  1. Micro or small penis
  2. Bent or curved penis also known as Peyronies condition
  3. Lack of stamina and short sex drive in bed.


Advantages Of Gravity Physical Rings ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device

There are three important advantages of using Proextender Ring Enlargement System:

1) To Enlarge penis length and girth or thickness of small penis

2) To rectify and straighten curved or bent penis due to Peyronie’s disease

3) To help improve erectile dysfunction (ED condition) giving hard, enlarged and forceful erection with
great stamina in bed.


Why use Gravity Physical Rings ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device

1) Proextender Ring Enlarger is very easy to use.

2) It takes less than 10 mins to practice to wear correctly

3) It takes less than a week’s time to wear for full duration to get the maximum result

4) It should be worn for minimum 30 minutes and maximum of 3 hours per day

5) The stretch applied to the penis is anywhere from 65gms to maximum 1200gms

6) To achieve good results average weight required is about 600gms

7) Very reliable due to no breakable or moving parts

8) There is absolutely no wear and tear since it has no moving parts

9) Very affordable to your pocket compared to other products in the market

Gravity Physical Rings ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device Demo

Our ProExtender Ring System is exported to over 126 countries around the world. It is internationally recognized as the best penis enlargement device among all the other penis enlargers. If used as prescribed in the user manual one can easily achieve 2-3 inches (5-8 cms) of penis length in about 4 months. Millions of people all over the world have successfully and effectively used Proextender Ring Enlarger to gain penis length and thickness, correct Peyronie’s disease (Curved or bent penis) and Erectile Dysfunction condition.

The results achieved by using Proextender Rings Enlarger are one hundred percent permanent. Due to the simple usage of this product, the traction is consistent and for longer duration hence giving far better and faster results compared to any other device available in the market. The design of Proextender Ring Enlarger so simple making it easy and very comfortable to use and wear totally undetected under the clothes. Proextender Ring Enlarger comes with a one year warranty backed by after sales technical helpline.


The Fundamental Basis Of Gravity Physical Rings ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device

When an aroused erection is basically achieved when the spongy penile tissues are filled with blood enlarging it in its length and thickness. The stiffness of penis is directly proportional to the amount of blood held in these spongy penile tissues, the more the blood in penis the stiffer the erection.

The basic principle of any penis enlargement technique is the stretch applied to the penis and the duration of time the penis is kept stretched. When a constant force is applied to human tissue cells they initially enlarge to a certain extent but when the force is continued these cells naturally split and divide into two cells culminating into a larger and thicker tissue mass.

This very basic understanding of cell division and multiplication was practically used very successfully for centuries by many tribes and communities in Asia, Africa, and Europe and all over the world. One can witness this very simple practice used by these tribes to increase the size of lips, earlobes, neck and even penis with amazing results.

Exactly this very simple technique or secret is the basis of Proextender Ring Penis Enlarger with precise scientific calculations and calibration making the entire penis enlargement process natural and painless.

In a very short time Proextender Ring Penis Enlarger has become the fastest and most selling penis enlarger in the world due to its ease of use, comfortable wearing and giving fastest results hence in simple language Proextender Ring Enlarger is no doubt extremely result oriented.


Ancient History of Penis Enlargement:

Even in this day and age, the Indian Naga Sadhus hang stones tied to the penis with grass rope resulted in larger and thicker penis.

There are numerous ancient manuscripts found mentioning details of experiments done on slaves using the penile stretch technique for penis enlargement. The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt practiced hanging weights to the penis for successful penis enlargement.

Rome and Greece:
There are several references in ancient Roman and Greek whereby the royal members used the technique of placing heavy burden onto the penis for penile enlargement. Even younger boys were forced to practice this method to increase their penis length and girth.

South America:
In Amazon forest, the Suya Tribes pierced their ears and lips at a very young age and placed wooden objects to stretch and enlarge earlobes and lips.

Many African tribes even today use stretching techniques not only to enlarge lips and earlobes but also penises. This tissue stretching was commonly practiced and has been prevalent for many many centuries.

This historical evidence is enough of confirmation that these bodily tissue stretching methods using force or weights have been extremely effective.

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