#1 – How does penis enlarger work?

The penis enlargement devices applies constant stress by stretching the penis. This pressure divides the cells in penile tissue giving it volume. While in the state of erection now more blood enters the penis making it longer and thicker.

#2 – How much increment can I expect by Penis Enlarger Devices?

Most individuals gain from 1-3 inches in length and about 35% increase in girth (thickness).

#3 – Are the results permanent?

After selling our products for over 6 years we have found that our clients using the Penis Enlarger Device have reported permanent results. You will notice penis enlargement within the first 2-3 weeks and more lasting result after 12 weeks..

#4 – What is the schedule to use the Penis Enlarger Pump device?

To begin with start with 7-10 minutes per day (per 24 hours) and increase the time by 2 minutes as you feel comfortable. The normal session is of 30-40 minutes. Make sure to lubricate the penis. For non-medical requirements including enlargement, use the Penis Enlarger daily for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 5 times a week for at least 12 weeks. Do not use male organ enlarger more than twice in the same day. The enlarging cells needs one day to recuperate in every 3 days.

#5 – Is my male organ shorter than when I was 21 decades of age and will the male organ enlarger push make it bigger?

Most men claim by age 40 that their male organ has become smaller. Usually by age 40, most men encounter a 10% reduction in total volume. By age 50 most men encounter a 20 % decrease in their penile dimension as in comparison to when they were in their mid 20s. The Penis Enlarger Pump will instantly bring the male organ back to the dimension where you were at age 21.

#6 – Is this device simple to clean?

All tubes are created of 100% superior healthcare grade components. They are super simple to clean and disinfect.

#7 – Is the male organ enlarger safe?

If used as described in the operation manual the Penis Enlarger Device is 100% safe.

DO NOT misuse the enlargement devices.
DO NOT over use the device than what is recommended.
DO NOT use the electrical powered male organ enlargers in the bathrooms or showers.
DO NOT share the male organ enlarger system with friends.

#8 – What age or kind of men use this male organ enlarger?

All men of all ages can use these enlargers. This includes straight men, gay men, high-income, low-income, rich, poor, young and old men.

#9 – If I am not seeing outcomes fast enough, are their special tips?

Yes, we suggest you to continue using the enlarger as recommended. Make sure the pubic hair are trimmed so that air don’t leak into the cylinder and gives maximum vacuum pressure. Try to be thrilled and turned on or aroused while you use the enlarger.

#10 – What if I get slight swelling around the penis foreskin after using the Penis Enlarger?

The swelling is also called doughnut effect and it is normal since your penis is not yet used to the negative pressure. At half time and after using the enlarger pump remove the penis and softly massage. The slight swelling, if any, will subside in few hours.

#11 – What if someone has penile implants can they still use the enlarger?

NO, if you have any kind of implant in your male organ, do not use the Penis Enlargement device. However, it is ok if you have testicular implant. But nevertheless in such cases always check with your doctor or urologist first.

#12 – If I have a blood clots disease, is it ok to use the male organ enlargers?

NO, hemophiliacs or any individual with blood clots disorders should NEVER USE the male organ enlargers.

#13 – What are cock rings and what are they used for?

The cock rings are tight silicone bands used for people who suffer from erection problems or just want a stronger and more powerful erection while having sex. Never sleep with them on or wear them more time then 25 minutes.
Will I become more reliant on the penis enlarger for getting an erections?
Definitely not. You will not become reliant on using the penis enlarger device.

#14 – Is the Penis Enlarger shipped discreetly?

Yes, the male organ enlarger is sent discreetly in a plain box with no writings or pictures. Nothing is noticeable on the outside but addresses. We generally send out male organ enlarger by private couriers and inform our customers of its shipment.

#15 – What is the average time for the delivery?

The average time to receive the package is 3-4 days anywhere in India and about one week’s time globally.