Penis Enlargement Extender Vacuum Pump (Piston Model)


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What is a penis pump & how to use?

The penis enlargement pump is a vacuum constriction device commonly known as a “penis pump” creates negative pressure that expands and draws blood into the penis. The vacuum forces blood flow into the penis which induces an erection and an immediate increase in penis size. You can then slide a constriction (cock ring) to the base of the penis which goes behind the testicles for maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse.

Our penis vacuum pump meets the FDA guidelines and is safely used for penis enlargement and to treat ED erectile dysfunction.

The product is medically approved and recommended by doctors throughout India. However, people looking forward to using the pump without a doctor’s prescription can go ahead and buy for personal use since the product is available OTC (over the counter).

The penis pump comes with 3 sleeves which create a perfect air seal and prevent air leakage by constricting the penis base. The sleeves also make pumping sessions more comfortable.

Men having undergone prostatectomy (prostate surgery) can use the penis pump which helps promote penile tissue health maintaining penis length and size. Over the period of time, man’s natural ability to maintain erection decreases due to diabetes the penis also shrinks in size due to age factor. Men have found regular penis pump use helps maintain penis size and improves erection quality naturally without the use of unsafe pills and medications.


Benefits of penis enlargement pump:

  1. Best in price quality guarantee: Our penis vacuum pump constriction device is the best pump available guaranteed! The pump comes with unbreakable medical grade acrylic cylinder, high-quality aluminum pump, 3 silicone sleeves and a set of cock rings free.
  2. Effective: Penis pumps are proven effective for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement. With correct usage and practice, one can achieve sufficient erection for sexual intercourse and increase in penile size.
  3. Safe & easy to use: Penis pumps are 100% safe, natural and effective method for male enhancement when used correctly as prescribed. Kindly refer to the user guide provided along with the product to achieve the best results.
  4. Lower overall cost treatment: Penis pumping is a natural and safe technique and costs lower compared to any other erectile dysfunction or enlargement technique available in the market.
  5. Can be used in conjunction with other treatments and products: The penis pump can be safely used along with penis extender devices, medications, and penile implants.