How to measure penis size the correct way?

Most men are not aware of the accurate ways to measure the length and thickness of their penis. Since it is not a vital statistic that needs details to be provided in much of the cases men have not given much importance to its right way of measuring technique. However, you might be interested in using various means of techniques and devices for the enlargement of the penis it is important to take measurements of the penis in the right manner. This way you can note down the progress of enlargement and chart it for future references.

The first criteria to measure accurate penis size is obvious to have the penis in its fully erect state. A semi-erect or flaccid penis will not give the correct size. So it’s important that your penis assumes the proper position.

Right Way to Measure Penis Length and Thickness (girth) :

There are two specific ways to measure penis length, namely the scale measurement and the string measurement.

  1. Scale Measurement: Here you take a measuring scale or ruler or measuring tape. Hold the start of the Scale at the top side and at the very base of the penis where it attaches to the body. Press the Scale into the pubic bone, in order to calculate any length that might be hidden under body fat, if at all. Now mark the scale with a marker or sharp pencil exactly at the extreme end of the tip of the penis. This gives you the accurate penis length measurement.measure-penis-size-correctly
  2. String Measurement: In this kind of measurement you may use a thick thread or a string to measure the length of the penis. Start by taking the tip of the string and placing at the very base of the penis closest to the pubic bone just the way it was done in the scale measurement. Extend the string to the very tip of the penis and mark it with a marker. Put the string on the measuring scale or ruler and measure the exact length till the marked point on the string. This also gives you a very accurate penile length measurement.

Right Way to Measure Penis Girth:

Penile girth or thickness is nothing but the circumference of the penis shaft. To accurately measure penis thickness the best way is to use a string or a thick thread. Take a string and gently wrap or wind around the thickest part of penis shaft of a fully erect penis. With a marker or ink pen mark the string at the exact point where the string meets. Put the string on a measuring scale or ruler and measure the length from the beginning of the string till the mark. This will give you an exact thickness of the penis.

measure penis girth

The other way to measure the penis girth is to use a soft tailor measuring tape. Start with the tape at the thickest part of the fully erect penis and wrap it around once till the tape meets. Mark this point and read the length of the tape.

Almost in every country of the world penis length and thickness is universally measured in inches, regardless of which measuring system (British Metric System or the Old English/American FP Foot-Pound system)

How Often to Take Measurements: Here we may advise that it should not measure penis size too often. Penile growth or enlargement is a very slow process and takes a great deal of time to actually visibly see the difference. Taking frequent measurement will give you an assumption that there are no result gains even if such is not the case. So be wise and have patience while you are in the penile enlargement process.

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