Portable (Battery Operated) Penis Enlargement Pump


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The portable penis enlargement pump is a newly launched device available in the Indian market for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction. The compact yet powerful penis pump helps you increase your penis size in length and girth.

The portable penis pump offered by My Novelty Shop is one of the best penis pump device available in the market for enhancement of the penis size and erectile dysfunction (ED).


1- Battery powered electric vacuum suction pump.

2- 9″ inches acrylic medical grade cylinder (Unbreakable Material).

3- Set of 3 sleeve sizes (small, medium & large).

The pump consists of a small machine powered by 2xAA batteries which last for 10-15 days* approximately.


The portable suction vacuum pump creates calibrated pressure inside the cylinder when switched on. The pump has to be used for maximum 20-30 minutes in a day. Kindly refer to the instruction manual for complete info on usage.

Features of the Portable Penis Pump

  1. Easy to carry and use, completely portable and ergonomic size.
  2. 9 inches medical grade unbreakable material cylinder.
  3. 30-35% increment in length and girth (approximately 1-3 inches)
  4. Cures impotence and Erectile Dysfunction.
  5. 100% safe to use, natural process, no side effects.
  6. Special silicone sleeves for perfect vacuum seal.
  7. Engraved length measuring cylinder.
  8. 7.5 inches tube circumference.
  9. Calibrated consistent negative pressure throughout session.
  10. One year warranty, after sales technical support.