Handsome Up Manual Penis Enlargement ED Pump


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This penis pump has a manual vacuuming pump with an easy release valve. It also includes 3 sizes (small, medium and large) soft silicone sleeve designed for a perfect fit to accommodate the length and girth of small and even a big and well-endowed man. The pump creates a superb vacuum seal quickly and effortlessly.

Features of Handsome Up Manual Penis Enlargement and ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Pump:

  1. Increase in penile length up to 2-3 inches.
  2. Increase in penile girth/thickness up to 30%.
  3. 9 inches Unbreakable Medical grade Acrylic Cylinder.
  4. More powerful and strong erections.
  5. Longer and increased sexual performance.
  6. Increased libido and sexual appetite.
  7. Improved sexual confidence.
  8. It helps curing erectile dysfunction and impotence.