Our products are designed on ancient practices used by tribals to increase their penis size (penis enlargement). Historically, ancient tribals have used weights and various instruments to stretch body parts like the neck, ear, lips and penis.

Ancient tribals have been known to attach stones or weights to their penis which provided a gentle stretch.  As a result of which, over the period of time increased their penis size. They discovered that gradually applying traction (by stretching) to the penis resulted in permanent penis enlargement. Our products – penis pump and penis extender work on the same principles and proven penis enlargement techniques.

The practices are tried, tested, and proven techniques used for penis enlargement which combines science and historical proof.

human stretched ear

Human Ear Stretched

human stretched lips

Human Lips Stretched

human stretched neck

Human Neck Stretched

Penis traction enlargement is a clinically tested method resulting in natural and permanent penis growth. Our penis enlargement devices – penis pump and penis extender device system are clinically tested and proven to increase the length and circumference of the penis by applying a gentle amount of tension through stretching.

In the event that, the penis is stretched continuously by applying appropriate tension, the cells in the corpus cavernosum multiply in number as a result of which the penis grows in size.

Exposing the shaft of the penis to continuous stretch causes the cells in the tissue to expand and then eventually multiply in number. This results in a longer and thicker penis in a few weeks or months.

Penis Tissue Cells Multiplication

Cell division (cytokinesis) is a safe, natural, and effective penis enlargement technique supported by top plastic surgeons, physicians, and urologists all over the world.

The penis enlargement gained through applying continuous traction using our products penis pump or the penis extender traction device are 100% permanent.

As a matter of fact, these natural exercises used to enlarge the penis size are well documented, tried & tested and guaranteed.

It also depends on how long the devices are used, self-confidence, a level of dedication and patience. It is equally important that the user is required to set its own goals and continue using the product as prescribed in the instructions manual provided.

Many of our customers have reported positive results of up to 3 inches increment.