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MyNoveltyShop is the first company to introduce penile extenders in India back in the year 2012. Penis extenders are one of the most popular and successful penis enlargement products available in the market. When you buy penis extender from My Novelty Shop, you can trust that you’re getting a product that has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness.

Penis extenders work on scientifically proven technique of cell multiplication using stretching. The extender creates traction force on the penis. Due to the continuous traction the cells in the penis tissue expand and multiply in number. This results in penis enlargement.

The penis traction stretching device is available over the counter and is approved by FDA for penile lengthening. Doctors and urologists prescribe and recommend the product. The product is tried and tested for enlargement of the penis size and has millions of satisfied users worldwide.

Our ProExtender System introduced is one of the best penis enlargement devices available in India. We have been successfully marketing the product for almost a decade. Our users have reported positive and satisfactory results. How can you tell what’s genuine and what’s a ruse? Before you try any penis enlargement equipment or procedure, see your doctor.

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Discover the Best Penis Extenders in India at My Novelty Shop

When it comes to superior quality and effective penis extender in India, look no further than My Novelty Shop. We take immense pride in providing you with the best selection of these penis enlargement tools  that will exceed your expectations. Say goodbye to disappointment with cheap plastic-made, nonmedical safe harmful vacuum pumps and experience the ultimate satisfaction with our top-notch product.

Why Choose My Novelty Shop

My Novelty Shop is the best option available for buying penis extender in India. We proudly say that we are different from our competitors by providing quality products & best service in the market. You will love our support team response also in case you have any problem as our support team works around the clock to solve all the queries. We offer penis enlarger devices at a very affordable price without compromising with the quality of the product. So, buy penis extender from My Novelty Shop today and start enjoying your sex life.


#1 Can anyone use a penis extender?

While the majority of men can use these devices safely, it is highly recommended to seek guidance from your healthcare provider before initiating any new treatment regimen or therapy. How quickly will I see results from using a penis extender? Results range among individuals, but normally substantial changes start to appear after numerous weeks or months of everyday use.

#2 Are the results of using a penis extender permanent?

Several users have shared enduring consequences, persisting evean after discontinuing the usage of the device, despite the fact that character reports can also vary.

#3 Can I wear a penis extender while sleeping or during daily activities?

Based on non-public comfort possibilities and the nature of the tool, a few people may additionally favour putting on them for extended durations, consisting of the duration of sleep or positive low-effect sports.

#4 Does using a penile extender cause pain or discomfort?

Initial discomfort can be encountered due to stretching strain, but typically, this diminishes through the years as you grow accustomed to sporting the device.


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